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Starr Aviation Student, Renter and Instructor Insurance Program

Insurance Coverage for Airplane Renters, Students and Flight Instructors also known as “Non-Owned Hull And Liability Coverage"


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Why do I need non-owned coverage?

If you are flying an aircraft you don't own, you have a need for this! Having a non-owned policy will protect your future in the event you have an aircraft accident or cause damage to a non-owned aircraft you are using.

The average cost of a claim is about $30,000 why not get your non-owned policy and get your peace of mind when flying non-owned aircraft.

Flight Instructors—we have a policy for you as well which will cover your liability while giving dual flight instruction.

Coverage Highlights

  • Personal/Non-Commercial coverage
  • Coverage for Flight Instructors and Examiners including
    coverage for negligent instruction
  • Can be tailored to include Single Engine, Multi-Engine
    and even Piston Powered Rotorcraft and coming soon
    single engine seaplanes
  • Light sport and experimental aircraft are included


  • Claims free experience
  • Completion of any level of wings in the last 12 month (basic, master or advanced)
  • Master Flight Instructors


  • Limits of liability up to $1,000,000/$200,000 passenger and $200,000 non-owned physical damage liability
  • Medical payments available up to $10,000 each person
  • Deductible liability insurance included (up to $5,000) when non-owned physical damage liability is purchased
  • Baggage $1,000 each person
  • Search and rescue coverage $25,000 each occurrence
  • Runway foaming $25,000 each occurrence
  • Damage to non-owned hangars and contents $25,000 each occurrence

 UAV and UAS Insurance Application




 Non-Owned Renters and Instructors


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